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University of Connecticut Avery Point

Research at Avery Point

Faculty Research

Many of the members of the Avery Point faculty are involved in research in their fields. Their projects offer opportunities for our students to be involved in work that adds to our understanding of the world around us. Below is a partial list of groups and individuals doing research on our campus.

Pam BedorePam Bedore, English, is an Assistant Professor and the Writing Coordinator for the Avery Point campus with specialties in American literature to 1900, twentieth-Century American literature, women's writing and feminist literary theory, rhetoric and composition, the novel (popular fiction). Her research interests include feminist science fiction, detective fiction, peer review/self-assessment, and library-writing center interactions.


Mary K Bercaw-EdwardsMary K Bercaw-Edwards, English, is an Associate Professor with specialties in American literature to 1900, twentieth-century American literature, and the novel (Literature of the Sea). She is currently working on Cannibal Old Me, a forthcoming book on Herman Melville and the discourse of the South Pacific.


Paul HallwoodPaul Hallwood, Economics, is a Professor who has six books and about sixty papers in refereed journals. Among these journals are The Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Monetary Economics, Legal Studies, Explorations in Economic History, World Development, International Affairs and the Southern Economic Journal. His main research interests are in the field of international economics, in particular, international trade, international finance, economics of the multinational corporation, and international political economy. A more recent research interest is in the economics of the oceans, with papers published on the law and economics of historic shipwrecks, wetland mitigation banking and marine protected areas.


Marine Sciences Faculty. All marine sciences faculty are engaged in research, including physical, chemical, geological and biological aspects of the oceans.  For a complete list of faculty and their research, please go to the Marine Sciences Faculty page.


Student Research

Robert MasonAvery Point students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects related to the faculty member's research, as part of a class, or as an independent project. Dr. Robert Mason, a member of the Marines Sciences faculty, has worked with a number of undergraduate students on projects as part of his CHEM 155 class. You can read more about these projects at Dr. Mason's website:


Moshe GaiStudents are also involved in research in astrophysics in the laboratory of Professor Gai. These special study research projects are discussed in, and see as an example of one such research.


Research Labs

University of Connecticut Laboratory for Nuclear Science at Avery Point: We are involved in a number of stellar evolution studies as well as in the use of stars to explore fundamental physical principles, such as the properties of neutrinos, and the search for physics beyond the Standard Model. Visit our web site for more information.

University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Sciences Laboratories: Faculty, staff and students are engaged in a variety of studies involving physical, chemical, geological and biological aspects of the oceans.  The facilities include analytical labs and the Rankin Seawater Laboratory. For more information about the department and their facilities, please visit the laboratory website.