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University of Connecticut Avery Point


Congratulations! Your daughter or son is a student at the UConn Avery Point campus.

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Students Students
Students Students

What should you know and what can you do as a parent to help your student succeed at the University of Connecticut? The information and links on this page will help you to understand the services available to you and your student at Avery Point and at the main campus at Storrs.

Parents who are interested in receiving occasional e-mail announcements regarding Avery Point campus life, may do so by going to and selecting AVPT_Parent-L.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Important Information for Parents

Below are links to information sheets handed out during Parent Orientation:


  • Advisors - Each student has an advisor who is assigned based on the student's major and will help the student decide which courses to take to meet the major's requirements. Students in the ACES program who have not yet chosen a major have an advisor as well. You may find the advisor working with your student online. If you are not sure who the advisor is, contact the Student Affairs office at (860) 405-9024.
  • Student Administration System (PeopleSoft) - this online system allows students to do many academic activities independently. Students can enroll in and drop classes, see their grades, see billing and financial aid information, waive the University health insurance among other services. Students can allow others to access all or part of this information by adding their names to their PeopleSoft account. Grades and billing information is no longer mailed to students or parents, but is entirely managed through PeopleSoft.
  • Student Services - The Office of Student Services provides assistance to students with some registration issues, with problems related to extended absence, students with disabilities, issues related to academic probation or misconduct, and help when personal issues put students in academic jeopardy. The Office of Student Services is located in room 307 of the Branford House, phone (860) 405-9024.

Financial Concerns

  • Billing - As mentioned above, student bills appear in PeopleSoft; no bills are mailed to students' or parents' residences. Students can give permission to others to see the billing information in PeopleSoft, but students are ultimately responsible for seeing that bills are paid on time.
  • Financial Aid - Please go to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services web site for a complete description of how to apply for and manage financial aid. Information about financial aid awards is also displayed in the students' PeopleSoft accounts.


  • Campus Police - The Avery Point Campus Police station is located in the stone cottage by the circle at the entrance to the campus. The phone number is (860) 405-9088 and the station is staffed 24 hours a day. Permits for parking on campus are available here.
  • Campus Safety Report - All universities are required to publish reports of incidents on campus annually. The most recent Avery Point Uniform Campus Crime Report is available online. (This is page 38 of the University of Connecticut Annual Security and Fire Safety Report for 2012, published in the year 2013 by the Division of Public Safety, University of Connecticut;