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University of Connecticut Avery Point

Experiential Learning at Avery Point

The University of Connecticut at Avery Point offers its students many opportunities to learn by doing through Experiential Learning. Undergraduates have the opportunity to work with faculty on research, work in the community as interns, go to foreign countries to study, participate in service learning, or to become part of our Learning Community.

During spring break of the Spring 2011 semester, 14 Avery Point students traveled to Belize as part of the Reef Fishes class they were taking with Peter Auster of the Marine Sciences department. They were able to see in their natural habitat the marine animals they were studying in the class room. Click here to read more about the students' experience.


Students in Helen Rozwadowski's Maritime Studies class took their class out on the schooner Argia to see first hand how the ropes, sails and masts of a sailing ship do their work as they traveled the Mystic River. Learn more about their experience in this story by Avery Point graduate Val Doughty.


Avery Point students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects related to the faculty member's research, as part of a class, or as an independent project. Dr. Robert Mason, a member of the Marines Sciences faculty, has worked with a number of undergraduate students on projects as part of his CHEM 155 class. You can read more about these projects at Dr. Mason's website:

Students are also involved in research in astrophysics in the laboratory of Professor Gai. These special study research projects are discussed in, and see as an example of one such research.

Student Abroad

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