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University of Connecticut Avery Point

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Avery Point Students Avery Point Students
Avery Point Students Avery Point Students
Avery Point Students Avery Point Students

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Summer Session
Enroll now for Summer Courses! Choose from a wide variety of options at the Avery Point Campus and online. Click here to register.


Registrar's Office
The Registrar's Office is located in Room 312 on the third floor of the Branford House. Assistant Registrar Martha Young will assist students with registering for classes, changing class schedules, providing forms for adding or dropping a class, and all other information related to registration.
Contact: Martha Young, (860) 405-9017


Bursar's Office
The Bursar's Office is located in Room 315 on the third floor of the Branford House. The Bursar, Joyce R. Wood, will help students with financial transactions such as paying university bills and providing receipts. She can answer questions related to billing and help with financial aid problems. For more information related to the Bursar's Office and financial services, go to bursar.html. For information about using Direct Deposit for refunds go to
Contact: (860) 405-9007


Student Services Office
The Student Services Office is located in Room 307 on the third floor of the Branford House. This office provides answers to your questions or concerns about academic performance, academic major, financial aid, disability services, personal issues, school or major changes, admission to the university, withdrawal from school, early campus changes, dismissals, student discipline, or other programs and projects that are part of your education.
Contact: (860) 405-9024


Student Activities

Student Activities at Avery Point sponsors a host of student organizations and activities intended to enhance student life at Avery Point. From Associated Student Government (ASG) which gives students a forum to express their views about the needs of students to Waterfront Programs that put students on the water, Student Activities helps students to develop their interests and enrich the life of the campus.


Avery Point Co-op
The Avery Point Co-op, the campus bookstore and more, is located on the first floor of the Academic Building.
Contact: (860) 405-9056


Avery Point Library
You may access material directly from the Avery Point library’s own collection or material can be obtained quickly and easily from all UConn Libraries as well as non-UConn libraries. Computer databases, full-text journals and other search engines are on computers on the first floor. The first floor also houses the Circulation Desk, reference collection, reserve materials, a photocopier, and the Marine Sciences Collection. Books, undergraduate periodicals, records and language tapes, and a listening room are located on the second floor. Also check out the library Facebook page.

A valid UConn ID (available from the Library) is required to take material from the library. The library is open daily during fall and spring semesters (Check postings for hours and for intersession and summer session times). Books may be returned 24 hours a day to the drop box in the police station. Any computer with university mainframe access will offer you an extensive and comprehensive electronic library. Additionally, you can request much of this information, including documents and reprints, to be sent to you at your university e-mail address.

Research guides: In addition to the books and periodicals available to you at the Avery Point, Storrs, and other campus libraries, you can also access electronic research guides at University Libraries or through the Avery Point or UConn home page.
Contact the Avery Point Library: (860) 405-9146.


Academic Center (Tutoring)

The Academic Center is available to the Avery Point community, including students, staff, and faculty, for individual and group study; tutoring; development of reading, writing, math, and computer skills; and other assistance with academic or related subjects.

The Academic Center is located on the 1st floor of the Academic Building, across from the Library.

The staff brings experience as students and teachers to the tutoring process. The Academic Center philosophy is that learning incorporates problem solving skills within a range of disciplines, and that people learn by doing. The goal of the Academic Center is to use the staff's skills and knowledge to help you learn. Although you do not need an appointment during operating hours (see Schedule and appointment information), if you are a walk-in, please be patient if you find the staff already working with other people.

  • Wireless connections for laptops are available from within the Academic Center to members of the University community.
  • The Student Computer Room (ACD 319) has 12 PCs, all networked with mainframe and browser access and loaded with most of the academic software used on campus. The Student Computer Room is available to all students from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday through Thursday and by request on Fridays.
  • Printing in the Academic Center or the Student Computer Room requires the use of a Husky OneCard (student ID) with money loaded onto the card for swiping at the printer. Money may be loaded online or in person at the Co-op. We do not accept cash for printing. Printing services for non-students are only available at the Library.
  • Computer assistance is available through the Academic Center staff and the IT office in Room 317.
  • Assistance with HuskyCT, registration software, and academic projects are available through Academic Services staff.


Housing Office
The Housing Office provides information and support for students attending Avery Point who are living in apartments in the Groton area. The Off-CampusHousing and Resources pages provide links to many pages of useful information to students living in the aeae around Avery Point.
Contact: Lisa Hastings, (860) 405-9262


Parking decal applications for students are available in the office of Financial Services located in room 303 of the Branford House and online at The applications are returned to the Office of Financial Services when completed. Avery Point Parking Regulations are available at


Counseling Service
The life of a student in a university can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Most students work at least part time and there is always the possibility of family or relationship issues arising.  If something in your personal life is interfering with your academic performance (illness, transportation problems, family crises, etc.), you should feel free discuss it with the Director of Student Affairs, Trudy Flanery whose office is on the third floor of the Branford House (phone 860-405-9024).  If you would like to talk to someone to help you cope with your difficulties, a personal counselor is available to all Avery Point students.  The Counseling Office is located in ACD 116C and offers both drop-in counseling and scheduled appointments.
Contact: (860) 405-9044


Campus Police
The campus police station is located in the Stone Cottage on the West Circle at the entrance to the campus.
Contact: (860) 405-9088, campus extension 9088

The University of Connecticut Police Department is an internationally accredited law enforcement agency. The UConn Police Department is a sub-division of the Public Safety Division at the University of Connecticut. The UConn Police Department is a fully functional police agency with the same statutory authority as any municipal police department in the State of Connecticut. The Department is responsible for, and its primary mission is, the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut.

  • Safety on campus: Police are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to all police duties, the police will act as safety escorts upon request and will also provide a vehicle unlocking and jumpstart service. The foyer inside the Police Department is available night and day for waiting during inclement weather or public phone use.
  • Reporting An Emergency: To report any emergency on campus (Police, Fire or Medical), dial 8-911 from any campus phone, 911 from all others (including pay phones, no money needed). Emergency Blue Phones are strategically located at 8 outside locations. Simply press the exterior button and your call will be connected directly with the police. To contact the Campus Police directly dial 405-9088.
  • Illness or Injury: There is no school nurse, physician, or health center on campus. However, all university police are trained as first responders in both first aid and CPR (Medical Response Technicians and EMTs) and will provide assistance should the need arise. University Police Cruisers carry Trauma Kits, Oxygen and Defibrillators.
  • Lost and Found: Turn in or check for lost and found articles at the Police Department.


Mort's Cafe is open in the new Avery Point Student Center! Visit the Mort's Cafe web page for more information.


Ride Share
The University of Connecticut participates in the Rideshare Service provided by AlterNetRides. You can enroll as a member with this service for no cost and either find rides that are being offered or offer them yourself.

When you click on the "List of Destinations" button below a window will open offering a choice of destination. When you click on Avery Point (or Storrs), the window will open and you can become a member or, if you're already a member, find or offer rides.