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University of Connecticut Avery Point

Avery Point Administration

Academic Services and Registration

Academic Services at the Avery Point campus develops and maintains an environment that promotes excellence in teaching and learning. Primary responsibilities include tutoring, undergraduate technology, faculty development, registration and curriculum coordination.

Avery Point Athletics

UConn Avery Point is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), an organization for two-year athletic programs. We sponsor three varsity athletic teams: men's basketball, women's basketball and baseball. We support our student athletes with personal counseling, and academic advising and support. Athletics also supports other campus student activities with use of our gym facility that includes a six-lane pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and an exercise and weight training room. The facility is also made available to the public for individual membership and community athletic leagues and activities.

Director's Office

The Director is the primary administrator of the Avery Point campus, providing governance and management for functions of academics, administration, budget, infrastructure, research, and outreach and public engagement programming.

Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations is responsible for the execution and coordination of services relating to the campus' physical plant, grounds, and infrastructure, with the goal of providing an environment that promotes quality education in a safe setting. They handle day-to-day maintenance and custodial and general upkeep of facilities. This includes repairs to buildings and building systems, minor renovation projects, operation of utilities systems (water, heat, steam and sewage), sanitation and recycling, grounds keeping, snow removal and related activities.

Office of Financial Services

The Office of Financial Services is responsible for the following activities: campus budget development and oversight; procurement; management of the student financial system; human resources administration; auxiliary services management; and office support to the Campus Director's Office.

  • Holly Buckley, administrative services specialist, BH room 303, 860-405-9117,
  • Janene Vandi, business manager and director of financial services, BH room 303, 860-405-9022,
  • Joyce Wood, bursar and administrative assistant, BH room 312, 860-405-9007,

Student Services

The Student Services unit covers all areas that impact a student's life outside the classroom. It includes admissions/recruitment and readmission; orientation and student activities; the waterfront program; personal counseling; academic advising, performance, and policy and regulation; disability services; the campus change process; University withdrawal; scholastic standards and dismissal/probation; student conduct; first year experience; and other issues that impact students at the Avery Point campus.