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University of Connecticut Avery Point

Avery Point Academic Center Avery Point Academic Center Avery Point Academic Center

Avery Point Academic Center

The Avery Point Academic Center serves the campus as both
a (W)riting Center and a (Q)uantitative Center.

The Academic Center is available to the Avery Point community (free of charge), including students, staff, and faculty, for individual and group study; tutoring; development of reading, writing, math, and computer skills; and other assistance with academic or related subjects.

The staff brings experience as students and teachers to the tutoring process. The Academic Center philosophy is that learning incorporates problem solving skills within a range of disciplines, and that people learn by doing. The goal of the Academic Center is to use the staff's skills and knowledge to help you learn.

Although you do not need an appointment for tutoring during operating hours, if you are a walk-in, please be patient if you find the staff already working with others. See our Contact us page for schedule and appointment information.

If you are working on a draft of a paper, bring it in on flash drive so that you can work on it on one of our PCs (in the Academic Center or the Student Computer Room).

If you are interested in writing for pleasure, consider joining the Avery Point Writing Club - Visit, read, enjoy!

If you are looking for help with math or science, bring in your text and some problems to practice. Regular math and chemistry group study sessions comprise a significant part of the Academic Center´s activities. Inquire if you are interested in joining a group.

Wireless connections for laptops are available from within the Academic Center to members of the University community.

The Student Computer Room (ACD 319) has 12 PCs, all networked with mainframe and browser access and loaded with most of the academic software used on campus. One flat-bed scanner is available for student use. The PCs are networked to a printer in the same room.

The Student Computer Room is available to all students from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday through Thursday and (in the fall semester only), by request on Fridays.

Printing in the Academic Center and the Student Computer Room requires the use of a Husky OneCard (student ID) with money loaded onto the card for swiping at the printer (10 cents per page). Money may be loaded online or in person at the Co-op. We do not accept cash for printing. Printing services without a UConn OneCard are only available at the Library.

Computer assistance is available through the Academic Center staff and the IT office in Room 317.

Assistance with HuskyCT, registration software, and academic projects are available through Academic Services staff.

The Academic Center is located in ACD 107. The Student Computer Room (ACD 319) is on the third floor of the Academic Building.

Academic Center FAQ

What kinds of help can I get in the Academic Center?
In addition to covering most first-year courses and several upper-level courses, we can also help with most PeopleSoft, HuskyCT, and NetID questions.  We offer tutoring, a place to study, workshops, and help with exam preparation.  We also have computers loaded with class software. A list of links and resources is available on our Resources for Writing, Math, and Science page.

Can I just come in to study or do homework or use a computer?
Absolutely.  In addition to the computers in our Academic Center (ACD 107), we also have a Student Computer Room in ACD 319 (around the corner from the computer classroom on the third floor). You can also reserve ACD 318 for group study, if it is not already scheduled for use.  For students who want distraction-free study, the second floor of the Library provides a good alternative. Additional quiet study space is available on the second floor of the Community and Professional Building (across from 208), and the Oak Room (in the Branford House), when it is not in use.

Can I work with a group?
Yes, in fact we think that studying with a group in math and science classes can be particularly useful.  We can help you set up a new study group or let you know of ones that are already available.

Can I get one-on-one tutoring?
Yes.  We recommend that you make an appointment by stopping  in at the Academic Center ( ACD 107), or calling us at 860-405-9058 to request an appointment.  We will ask you for contact information and the particular subject/topic for which you’re coming in.  Bring in whatever information you have about the work, including your text, as similar topics are approached differently in some classes. Up-to-date tutoring schedule information is available during the regular semesters on our Schedule and Contact us page.

What classes can I get tutoring in?
We can provide tutoring help for most first-year classes and many upper-level classes. We can also help with all writing projects, whether you’re working with English as a second language, you’d like someone to give you feedback on your creative writing, or you’re concerned about an advanced project for a capstone course.  You can find more specific information on our Schedule and Contact page.

What happens at a tutoring session?
You’ll meet with a tutor for about 45 minutes to discuss the question(s) that you’re bringing in about a particular project.  Tutors will help you with whatever you’re concerned about, but they can’t replace any teaching that you’ve missed or take any responsibility for your work. Writing sessions will often involve talking through the main arguments of the paper before reading the sentences you’ve written. Q sessions focus on problem-solving applications and techniques related to the particular course you’re in.  General sessions may incorporate discussions about the topic and practice with learning strategies.

When is the Academic Center open?
Our fall hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (In the spring semester, we are not open on Fridays.) During finals week, we add evening hours. 

Do I need an appointment to come to the Avery Point Academic Center?
No.  You’re welcome to drop in or stop by to use the computers or meet others to study.  If you want one-on-one time with a tutor in a particular subject area, making an appointment is the best way to ensure that.  To make an appointment, stop in at the Academic Center in ACD 107, or call 860-405-9058 to request an appointment. 

Will my instructor know I came?
That’s up to you. We don’t normally tell instructors when a student visits the Academic Center, but if you’d like your instructor to know that you had a tutoring session, just let your tutor know and together you can write a summary of your appointment that you can give your instructor.

Can you help me with a take-home exam?
That depends. We ask instructors to tell us the appropriate levels of assistance that we can provide, so whether we can help you on projects like take-home exams or specific homework is governed by the particular instructor guidelines for that course.

Can I get online tutoring?
The Avery Point Academic Center does not currently offer online tutoring.

Can I drop my paper off with a tutor and pick it up later?
No.  Our tutoring style is based on conversation between tutor and tutee, so our tutors don’t interact with papers when their writers aren’t present. If you feel like you don’t have time for a full 45-minute appointment, consider selecting the part of your paper you’re most worried about and sit down for a shorter session.

How are tutors chosen to work in the Academic Center?
Tutors are typically Avery Point students who have been recommended by one of their instructors or who are themselves interested in working in the Academic Center because of immediate or future goals (great campus job; desire to brush up on basic quantitative, reading and writing skills; or interests in teaching, counseling, research).  We invite applications after the midterm of each academic semester, once students know their class schedule for the semester for which they’re applying. 

Where can I find a quiet place to study?
The second floor of the library has some excellent quiet study space as does ACD 108 (student study room). Additional quiet study space is available on the second floor of the Community and Professional Building (across from 208), and in the Oak Room (in the Branford House), when it is not in use.

What computers can I use?
The computers in ACD 107 (the Academic Center) and 319 (the Student Computer Room) are dedicated student computers loaded with the same software used in the computer classroom. Both rooms have printers for the computers in them.

Where can I scan?
You’ll find a student-use flatbed scanner in ACD 319 (the Student Computer Room) that will scan to a file.  You can also scan in the Library, where there is a sheet feeding scanner that scans to email. There is no charge for scanning.

Can I print in color?
Check with the staff in the Academic Center (ACD 107) to make color copies.  Availability of this service does depend upon staffing, so try to plan ahead if you will need color printing.

Why do I have to pay to print?
You pay 10 cents per black and white page to print for two reasons: the first is to cover costs; the second is to cut down on wasteful or excessive printing.  We found that once we, like our other UConn campus counterparts, started charging, we shortened  student waits for printing in the queue and saved significant amounts of paper and toner (good for the environment as well as the budget).

Do you give workshops?
Yes.  We bring workshops into the classroom, but we can also offer them outside of class in the Academic Center; just let us know what you need.  For a list of current available workshops, go to our Resources page in Writing, Math, and Science.


Page last updated March 12, 2014